Powering off has never been so hard

In the last 30 years our lives have lit up like Christmas trees. More and more artificial light has made its way into our lives, and studies by NASA, Harvard and many other institutions are appearing daily - all confirming the problems artificial light is causing.

The main problem is that this artificial light throws off our internal clocks. These internal clocks are referred to as our “circadian rhythm” (in other words: your sleep cycle or 24-hour rhythm).

Recent studies have identified that our brains, our bodies, and even our cells respond so powerfully to light that your eyes don’t have to be open for light to affect you! The light coming through your shut eyelids stimulates your hormones, and wakes you up.

Why is your “circadian rhythm” so important?

We need "deep sleep" to have a wellspring of energy. For over 99% of our history, we've had no exposure to artificial light after sundown.

Biologically, our bodies are still wired like they were since humans first appeared, and we react very powerfully to light and the absence of it.

It’s been proven beyond any doubt: Blue and green light prevents the body from getting ready to sleep, and it’s quite obvious to anyone that pays any attention—the deeper you sleep, the more energy you have the next day.

Why is artificial light so detrimental?

Blue is the highest energy density of the light spectrum with green a close second. These two specific ranges of light are what signal to your body to stop sleeping, wake up and get moving.

So what's the solution?

Introducing Sleep Savior® Glasses by SafetyBlue™

Stop both artificial blue and green light in the evening and save your deep restorative sleep

Sleep Savior® glasses by SafetyBlue™ work not only by blocking harmful artificial blue light, but are also the only brand proven to completely block out blue and green light as well.

By putting these on in the hour or two before going to sleep, your body will begin to produce melatonin naturally,
as it was designed to do, and begin to prepare itself for a powerfully deep, restorative sleep.

They also come in a fit-over style if you wear prescription glasses...

Blue light protection is also important during the day

Screen Savior daytime eyewear save your tired eyes from the painful strain caused by blue light coming from computers, tablets, phone screens, and fluorescent light bulbs. Unlike Sleep Savior® glasses - these are light and easy enough to wear all day. SafetyBlue™ is located here in the USA, so you’ll have them at your door in just a few days.

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What to expect when wearing the "next-gen" of blue & green blockers:

Fall asleep faster - Have fewer night awakenings. Even if you don’t notice, you probably have them now.

Spend more time in the deepest, most mentally and physically restorative phases of sleep.

Decrease night time cravings to eat, and shed some pounds too.

Produce more melatonin - a profound and powerful anti-aging, anti-inflammatory hormone. Melatonin actually embeds itself inside each cell, and mitochondria - and protects it from damage - the rate at which your mitochondria is damaged is directly tied to how fast your body ages.

Have more energy during the day - obviously.

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At just $59.95 Sleep Savior® cost much less than other glasses of similar (or lower) quality. Our lenses are ground, not coated, like many others. This costs more to produce, but results in a distortion free experience. With other lenses, you’ll see a distortion when you move your eyes about, and that will result in a poor experience, and (ironically) eye strain.

For a limited time, get Sleep Savior® for 15% off when you buy a pair of Screen Savior day blockers.

We also offer a no risk, no questions asked, 30 day return policy.

Just say yes for now, try them out, and if after a few days you’re not enthusiastically telling your friends and family to buy a pair, just send them back for a full refund - no questions asked.

That’s how strongly we believe in our products.

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Other Blue Blockers don't work properly

Other glasses let in light behind the lenses and into the center of your eyes. SafetyBlue™ has a unique wrap around design that prevents light from getting in anywhere but through the lens.

The last thing you need is Blunted Circadian Response

Studies have now linked this to more diseases that you can shake a stick at (from diabetes, obesity, Cardiovascular disease, to even anxiety, ADHD-like symptom and cancer, just to list a few).

Artificial light contributes to obesity, too? YES

Blue and green light inadvertently causes your body to release Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) by stimulating your body to wake up and therefore start eating for energy.

In contrast, when it’s dark your appetite naturally dies down. Then sunrise stimulates all of your “get up and get fueled” systems again.

Your pineal gland can only produce melatonin for a maximum of 12 hours, so eventually you wear out and never enter fully into deep sleep, perpetually wallowing in a “hungry and tired” mood.

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