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As we get older, we all begin to truly understand the value of a great night’s sleep...

...sleep is when your body heals and restores itself’s when your brain clears out all the junk that builds up over a long day of thinking’s when many of the hormones in your body reset and rest

Disrupted circadian rhythms (also known as sleep-wake cycle disorders) have been shown to promote a chronic state of low-grade inflammation which helps explain its link to most every degenerative disease afflicting the modern world. 

Not just obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, but also cancer, psychiatric disorders, intestinal problems, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Sleep Disturbances Compared To Other Health Risk Factors

Take a look at that chart from a double-blind study showing that the risk of developing diabetes associated with sleep disturbances is comparable to that of traditional risk factors meaning that sleep disturbances should be considered in clinical guidelines for type 2 diabetes screening:

Anothaisintawee, T., Reutrakul, S., Van Cauter, E. & Thakkinstian, A. Sleep disturbances compared to traditional risk factors for diabetes development: Systematic review and meta-analysis. Sleep Med. Rev. 30, 11–24 (2016).

Exposure To Room Light Before Bedtime Suppresses Melatonin

The conclusion of this study was that chronically exposing oneself to electrical lighting in the late evening disrupts melatonin signaling and could therefore potentially impact sleep, thermoregulation, blood pressure, and glucose homeostasis. 

Simple exposure to normal room lighting before bed reduces melatonin production by an average of 71%, and suppression is maintained through the night if the lights are kept on.19

Even just having the room light on before bed delays the start of melatonin production by 1.5 hours, if it starts at all.19

19. Gooley, J. J. et al. Exposure to room light before bedtime suppresses melatonin onset and shortens melatonin duration in humans. J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 96, E463–72 (2011).

Harvard Medical School Researchers State That Blue-Blocking Glasses May Not Be Doing Their Due Diligence

In yet another nine-day study at the Intensive Physiological Monitoring unit at Brigham Women’s Hospital, 52 healthy volunteers were isolated from all sources of light and time, including windows, clocks, internet, television, and anything else that could indicate the time of the day. Green light was found to be equally effective as blue light in affecting circadian rhythms.

 They stated:
“Finally, blocking short-wavelength light with blue-blocking goggles may not always be effective in preventing undesired circadian responses based on our finding that [green] light is able to induce robust phase shift responses.” 36

In layman's terms:

Green light is also keeping you awake at night.

36. Gooley, J. J. et al. Spectral responses of the human circadian system depend on the irradiance and duration of exposure to light. Sci. Transl. Med. 2, 31ra33 (2010).

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