About Us

Husband and wife team SafetyBluecreators got their start as tired graphic design students. Used to working late into the night to meet tight deadlines, they spent hours moving around tiny pixels on small computer monitors.

They went to design school expecting to be tired...what they didn’t expect was the headaches, blurred double vision, and the pain caused by severely tired eyes.

After pursuing a Health Certification course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2012, the couple  “opened their eyes” to the negative effects of blue light on both eyes and sleep. Further research revealed that it wasn’t only blue light that was massively disrupting healthy sleep cycles—green light was another culprit.

That was the moment the couple began developing blue-green blockers to put eye fatigue “to rest” once and for all. They sensed there was an entire workforce of people suffering the consequences of eye fatigue. They knew they could help countless others, and so began the research to develop a product to combat the problem of severe eye fatigue.  

Shortly after the first pair of SafetyBlue glasses was born, a happy accident occurred.

The duo discovered that SafetyBlue glasses not only helped combat their eye strain but also dramatically improved their sleep quality. With that revelation, they took a bold leap of faith and launched SafetyBlue Eyewear with an eye to alleviating sleep issues and promoting bright, healthy, rested eyes.

The couple’s focus on health combined with their design background led them to develop both a Day Collection and a Night Collection for SafetyBlue™, with no compromise on protection or style.

SafetyBlue is obsessed with helping anyone feeling the degenerative effects of too much screen time.

The digital era is not going away – this is only the beginning.

SafetyBlue believes that deep sleep is something of a status symbol; everyone wants it but few can attain it.

SafetyBlue can give it to you.