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Sleep Savior ® red night glasses are a dark therapy device for maximum sleep effectiveness.

blue light blocking safety glasses

Fix your broken sleep and increase your energy


Traditional “blue blockers” prevent blue light from getting into the eye, but did you know that GREEN light also massively disrupts sleep? Restore the health of your eyes by blocking damaging blue & green light with protective, stylish blue-green blockers from SafetyBlue™

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Restore the health of your eyes by blocking damaging blue & green light with protective, stylish blue-green blockers from SafetyBlue™

Blue Light Blocking Glasses


As digital natives we have adjusted our lifestyles to screens, but our eyes are evolutionarily exactly the same. With the knowledge we do have about the damaging effects of blue light on the human eye, it behooves us to take action. SafetyBlue’s™ blue-blockers are the anti-dry eye, anti-stray light fashion accessory required for optimal living.


You put up ad-blockers to enjoy your favorite websites uninterrupted. You lock your car doors to protect your valuables. You buckle your seatbelt on an airplane before takeoff. Now it’s time to protect your eyes. Slip on stylish blue-blockers to enjoy your vision and protect your most valuable sense of sight.

What people are saying about SafetyBlue™

Blue Blocker Testimonials Kristina
The first day that I used them, I noticed a big difference in the state of my eyes, even after hours and hours of screen time, they were not so strained and blurry feeling. There is such a noticeable difference when I lift these glasses after using them for a while, my eyes immediately squint and feel bombarded by the unfiltered light coming from the screen.

– Kristina M

Blue Blocker Testimonials Juan
I bought these glasses not believing they would help me with the constant eye pressure I get from sitting too long in front a computer screen. I wore them consistently for about a week and then one day I realized it: No more eye strain!!! They are light weight and make things just a bit brighter; not yellow as the lenses would make you think.

– Juan S

Blue Blocker Testimonials Jacob
These do exactly as described, perfect for watching Amazon video or YouTube at night or scrolling through instragram before bed. I also use these whilst I work on my laptop to reduce eye strain. I noticed a marked improvement on the quality of my sleep after using these glasses.

– Jacob S

Blue Blocker Testimonials Nicole
They are lightweight and stylish. I am often on my computer until just before bed, and these glasses kept me from having my circadian rhythms disrupted. they are comfortable to wear while online, and haven't needed any adjustment.

– Nicole V