Sleep Savior ® Fit-Over Orange

Sleep Savior ® Fit-Over Orange



Defend against “fry eye” and promote restful sleep simultaneously with a pair of green and blue light blocking computer glasses. 

During the day, rather than experiencing the benefits of natural blue light from the sun, we are literally overdosing on harmful, high energy, blue and green wavelengths of light. Plus, in an increasingly tech-driven world, our eyes are under constant pressure to process visual information. Defend against Computer Vision Syndrome by wearing these glasses while on your various LED devices.

At night, wearing orange sleeping glasses instantly signals to your brain to begin shutting down and preparing for bed. How? Blue and green light (part of the visible light electromagnetic spectrum) have a very short wavelength, produce a high amount of energy, and signal daytime to the brain.

Blue light transmittance: 0-0.1%
% blue light blocked: 99.9% from 450-495 nm 
Green light transmittance: 17.2%
% green light blocked: 0.23%-49.5%
UV Blocking: 99.9% from 280-400nm
Color distortion: Yes, moderate
Time of day to use: AM or PM as needed
Driving permitted: Not recommended
Lens color: Orange
Meets ANSI Z87.1 impact testing: Yes
Perfect for:
  • Shift workers
  • International travelers
  • Anyone living in polar regions where there is continuous daylight in summer
  • Sufferers of sleep disorders
All swear by our natural sleep-enhancing glasses, and have made them part of their daily routine.
At SafetyBlue™, we know that disconnecting from digital devices is not a realistic option.  We’re committed to preserving eye health while keeping you productive and protecting you from the daily onslaught of digital noise.
Each pair of SafetyBlue™ computer glasses comes with a dust bag and chamois cloth.
100% satisfaction guarantee.
Please see our refund policy.

Combat Digital Eye Fatigue!

Reset your body’s natural sleep cycle and mitigate the negative effects of screen time all at once.

SafetyBlue™ glasses don’t require a costly prescription or a trip to the eye doctor. The wrap around silhouette offers generous side coverage for comprehensive light protection.

Let’s Save Your Sleep

Traditional “blue blocker” glasses stop blue light from getting into the eye, but did you know that GREEN light also massively disrupts sleep? 

Sleep Savior ® Benefits

•  Feel relaxed and ready to sleep instantly
•  Get deeper, more restful sleep
•  Perfect for jet lag or shift workers
•  Reduce eye strain from artificial lights emitted by electronics

100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident that these glasses will help you get better sleep. If you don’t fall asleep easier and get a noticeably more restful sleep, simply let us know and we’ll refund you in full. You’ve got nothing to lose. Please see our refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do sleep glasses help me sleep better?

Blue and green light disrupts your circadian rhythm and inhibits melatonin production. By blocking artificial sources of blue and green light, our sleep glasses send signals to your body that it is indeed dark out and it’s time to produce melatonin and get to sleep.

What kind of protective eyewear do I need?

We recommend protecting your eyes during the day and at night. Our daytime blue-blocking glasses deliver optimal results when combined with our night-wear glasses. Glasses that block artificial sources of blue light are optimal for daytime use, while glasses that block blue and green light are recommended for use at night.

Will what I see be compromised?

Many people report a “being on Mars” feeling when using our night glasses. They do change the colors you see when watching TV, and they take some getting used to. Work up to wearing the glasses for longer and longer periods of time (For night glasses: up to 2-3 hours before bedtime) (For day glasses: when staring for extended periods of time at monitors, tablets and cell phones).

Do your glasses fit all heads and faces?

Our glasses are made to fit most heads and faces. Unfortunately, without trying them on you won’t know how well they fit or if a different model might fit you better. Please make use of our 30 day return policy if you would like to try them on. Please note: You will have to pay to ship them back to us at your expense.